Sunday, August 6, 2017

Stradbrook Stewarding

Upon arrival at Stradbrook last Friday night, many Blues' supporters were greeted by reports to the effect that damage had been done by Blues' supporters to the toilets in the clubhouse on the occasion of the last game between the sides there, on 16th June. It appears that these reports emanated from some Cabinteely club officials and/or security staff on duty at the match. As a result of this, the clubhouse bar was closed on the night.

In relation to these events further investigation is necessary in the view of the authors of this blog because of the damage done to the reputation of all stakeholders in Waterford FC.

TWTB has been in touch with Mark Dunne, Waterford FC Head of Security and has learned that no communication in regard to this alleged damage was received by either the Supporters' Club or the Football Club following the game at Stradbrook last June. The alleged damage, it has been claimed, amounted to approximately €2,500 although the only specific details received refer to a broken mirror. No evidence of any damage has been received we understand.

That officials of the Cabinteely club could be responsible for these reports last Friday night is grossly irresponsible and unacceptable. Whilst a blind eye could be turned to minor indiscretions, deliberate & unfounded allegations of malicious damage are defamatory and unacceptable and require immediate investigation.

The Blues' Supporters Club has worked very well recently with the club to address concerns regarding the behaviour of some supporters and it is to be complimented for doing so and it deserves the full support of the club in this matter. Last Friday night the Blues' supporters were perfectly well behaved inside the ground from start to finish to the extent that a number of Cabinteely supporters joined them in their exhibition of good humour.

It is the recommendation of this blog that the Management of our club should seek an immediate explanation from Cabinteely FC as to how and why the allegations of malicious damage by club supporters were made known only last Friday night for the first time. Cabinteely FC should be asked to produce the evidence upon which these reports were based and an assurance should be sought that if unsubstantiated, those responsible will be suitably disciplined if not dismissed and a public apology be made to the supporters of our club. Hard questions must be asked and answers demanded. If necessary appropriate complaints should be submitted to the FAI.

It is accepted that to some extent our fan base has contributed in the past to a certain reputation preceding the club at away games but surely this does not justify excessive or unfair treatment. For sure it does not justify illegal or discriminatory treatment. What happened at Stradbrook last Friday night was bang out of order.

In due course we hope that Blues' fans will hear of suitable action having been taken by the club.

Notice to the Head of Security at Cabinteely FC:  If you need training as to how to treat visiting fans firmly without causing offence, get in touch with Mark Dunne at Waterford FC.

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